Woodland Fairies

I decided to take a break from my ordinary work and play for a while. I used images of butterfly wings to turn a few divas into fairies. Hope you enjoy!


Jenn's Sale

I just love Jenn Culp's (Design by Jenn) work and talent! One of my favorite products is the ABC book she designed for children. I just got a notification that it is half priced this week making it a steal for $20 and I had to pass along the good news. Even though she indicated that these are not customizable, if you know a little about Photoshop, you can use selective color and color overlays to change the tones of the backgrounds. I found them great to use, although I understand her disclaimer since her normal templates are in multiple layers and very easy to customize to your needs. Hope you take a few minutes to check out her work!


Sunset Silhouettes

We had another gorgeous sunset over the lake today and it proved to be the perfect solution for my current creative drive. I have been wanting to try shooting silhouettes for a few days now and everything worked out for me this evening. There were so many appealing shots, that I had a very hard time narrowing them down for editing. These are just a few of my favorites.

I also created a new preset for Lightroom while editing. You are welcome to download it here.