Senior Moments

I had the privilege of hanging out with Shannon a few weeks ago. She is a beautiful young lady, who will be a senior in High School next year. In addition to playing tennis, she is also quite accomplished on the flute and entertained Becca with her playing. We drove down the road to the pier and scouted out a few new locations for portraits. Shannon was willing to try anything, so we had a great time experimenting and laughing at the crazy situations we got ourselves into. These are a few of my favorites from the day.


  1. Those look lovely! My favorite is the last one :).

  2. Great shots (as always!). I love love love the angle on the tennis shot... you are too creative! =)

  3. I love them all! Great shots! Tennis!Yeah! We got ourselves into tennis lately too! I didn't know I was good at it! I got A and S new tennis rackets. J and M are totally not interested. But I've done a few private lessons and am enjoying the group ones! Hate to leave now that I am good enough to sign up for the tournaments! I'll miss it all here!


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