Afternoon at Oakland

Kirk and I go way back...back when Aqua Net was a necessity, "where's the beef?" was hysterical, Space Invaders and Frogger were the games to beat, and everything was like totally awesome. He had a wicked sense of humor, an abundance of charm, and was an amazing friend.

When I heard that Kirk was getting married and that they were interested in having me photograph their wedding, I literally cried. I was honored that they thought of me, completely lost in nostalgia, and devastated that I was already booked on the day they needed me. Luckily, plans changed and I couldn't be happier. The wedding is coming up on Halloween and we will be there with camera in hand. The only question is whether we will be in costume.

An early treat for me was this engagement session. After more than a decade, I got to hang out with Kirk again and also had the privilege of meeting Tina. What an amazing woman! She is so vibrant, creative, engaging, and beautiful...inside and out. Seeing them together and so happily in love still has me smiling.

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