Fire Safety

As you probably know, we homeschool our girls and are always looking for ways to step up their education and comprehension of facts. When Keith was asked to videotape our local fire departments at a training burn, we jumped on the opportunity to let them see our heroes in action. We all took photographs of the event and the girls were able to meet the firefighters and EMTs on site. They learned first-hand how much heat a fire can produce, how smoke can effect your body and how quickly a fire consumes a home once it reaches the attic. Everyone was so gracious and kind while working so hard to improve their skills for this dangerous profession. Here are a few shots from the day.


  1. Great experience and GREAT pictures!

  2. You have a great eye for the moment, for contrasts and shadow. I enjoyed browsing your blog. Really quality photos - quality art!

  3. My goodness Amy, your work is fantastic!!


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